(COVID-19) Coronavirus in Caribbean Netherlands

Last Updated: December 3, 2020

The total number of infected people in Caribbean Netherlands by the Novel Coronavirus is 164, out of which 2 are new positive cases, showing a raise of 1.2% from the previous day. The death toll reached 30 being new deaths, which shows a raise of 0.0% compared to the previous day. Currently there are 3 active cases of COVID-19 in Caribbean Netherlands The number of people that recovered from the disease is currently 158, out of which 1 are newly recovered, which shows a raise of 0.6% from yesterday.

Confirmed Stats

Total Infected

2 New Cases

1.2% from yesterday

Total Deaths

0 New Deaths

0.0% from yesterday

Active Cases

1 Change

50.0% from yesterday

Total Recovered

1 Newly Recovered

0.6% from yesterday

Active Cases in Caribbean Netherlands

Coronavirus Deaths in Caribbean Netherlands

Recoveries in Caribbean Netherlands

Recovered vs Deaths

Daily New Cases in Caribbean Netherlands